Climb two mountains

-Expectations for Yisen and Jian Zhen

In recent years, I have been advocating five "must"s: a company must make money; it must grow;Innovation is a must for growth;Innovation is not indispensable to talents; talents are not to possess character.

From the business philosophy and company leadership of the two founders of Jingheng Group (Zhan Yisen and Zhang Jianzhen), we clearly see that their entrepreneurial blueprint and the company culture that they shape are in line with the above five "must"s.

These two co-founding couples have doctorates of law from famous universities in the United States and Japan, and they also share the talent, integrity, determination and enthusiasm that entrepreneurs should have. Therefore, they can perform well in mainland China in a short period of time, and in the industry they are engaged in, they have become a highly valued competition group.

The five areas they devoted themselves to: energy, chemical industry, international trade, real estate development, and business consulting are all closely related to China's economic development and people's lives today. Such investment is seeking a win-win situation between personal career and social progress.

Every world-class company has to climb two mountains: the front mountain is "company profit" and the back mountain is "social responsibility." Since the two founders of Yisen and Jian Zhen have both corporate ambition and corporate conscience, they are extremely likely to climb two peaks at the same time.

We wish them success in their career and ideals.

Gao Xijun 2017.11.12

(The author is an honorary professor at the University of Wisconsin, the founder of Taiwan Vision Magazine)

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