The Chan & Chang Group was founded in 2002, headquarters in Shanghai. The Group thrives in various industries, covering premium real estate, five-star hotels & cultural estates, hi-tech logistical services in storage and supply-chain management, health-care services & medical resources, IDCs, healthy-living initiatives, industrial funds, as well as cultural and humanitarian initiatives.

︱The Real Estate Domain︱

The Group develops and operates a myriad of real estate developments. In Qingpu, Shanghai, the Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao West and the adjacent JH Plaza is a multi-functional complex that integrates hospitality, commerce, food, and culture services. In Changning, Shanghai, the JH 88 Residence Gubei is not only primly located, but is also regarded as the benchmark construction for premium commercial and residential estate developments in the area; In Jinshan, Shanghai, the Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinshan and the adjacent JH 88 Plaza is another more recent multi-functional complex development that integrates hospitality, commerce, food, and culture services into a competitive and landmark development in Jinshan; In addition, all hotel estates developed and managed by the Group adopted the management system established by the InterContinental Hotel and Resorts Group, known for their professionalism, to ensure top-notch service. The interdisciplinary projects led by the Group are grounded fundamentally in real-estate development; nonetheless, the projects range from mature operating developments to new industry-leading projects in their initial stage of development.

︱The Logistics Domain, Modern Intelligent Storage and Supply-Chain Management︱

In the Logistics domain, the Chan & Chang Group began its investment in 2017, utilizing the Group’s advantage in leveraging resources, consolidating industrial funds, and importing novel construction materials from Japan. The Group is committed to long-term investment in logistics, sustainable and novel materials, intelligent logistical management, logistical delivery network, logistical supply chain, as well as other financial service sectors. As an initiative, the Group plans to construct up to 50 intelligent logistical storage across multiple locations in the Integrated Yangtze River Delta Region.Shanghai Kunbao Logistics Management Co., Ltd. is a well-rounded technology logistical supply chain company established by the Chan & Chang Group, specializing in modern supply chain management, intelligent warehousing services, logistical big data analysis, and storage and distribution services for medical auxiliary materials, medium-to-large medical equipment and other high value goods. KBL projects to build modern intelligent storage with three core aspects: intelligence, environmental protection and efficiency. KBL is developing an “intelligent logistical supply chain" that utilizes AI and logistical big data, and expands the scope of the logistical business with the help of the JH Group’s medical resources to facilitate greater logistical flow and link cities across China. The aim is to improve the value of the projects by conducting a “green and low-carbon, energy conserving and environmentally protecting, automatically operating, digitally managed, and intelligent operation.” The Group plans to complete the construction and development of the 50 storage sites of a total of 5 million square meters within the following five years, and plans to be listed in the Hong Kong stock market within the next three years.

︱Big health sector︱

The Chan & Chang Group has long been proactive in the Health industry. So far the Group has founded the Hengxin health-management clinic chain, developed a healthy-living brand, acquired a foreign-invested hospital, as well as participated in the international trade of medical equipment. The Group projects to dive deeper into biotechnology, health-care, as well as preventive medical resources in the near future. With the Group’s future plans clearly drawn out, the Group continues to look further into investment opportunities and has invested in various medical treatment institutions and biotechnology research centers.

In recent years, the Group, joining forces with the Landseed International Hospital Group, has taken on the GP role in multiple health-management clinic projects. Projects currently under development span across major cities across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Changzhou. The health-management clinic in Shanghai is projected to open and start operation in June 2022. Having advancement in healthy living, anti-aging and disease prevention, and biotechnological development as the Group’s underlying mission, the Group continues to consolidate topnotch medical resources and provide premium health-management services in health-check, aesthetic medicine, dentistry, and sports medicine, ultimately providing a service and creating a system that stem from our core value in proactive preventive medicine instead of passive invasive treatment. Excelling rapidly in the health domain, the Group’s enterprise in the health industry projects to be listed by 2024.

On a lighter note, the Group also plans to launch it’s healthy living brand with skincare products in a brand new collection that will hit the market later this year. The new collection aims to give customers a natural, anti-allergen, and effective experience in skincare through conducting extensive research and formula testing. The skincare collection and future initiative would also be launched and dispersed in the Hengxin health-management clinics.

︱International Trade Sector︱

In terms of foreign trade and commerce, building upon the Group experience and foundation in trade and commerce, the Group further explores development opportunities in Mainland China. In recent years, as the Group bolsters and extends it’s development in various industries, international commerce has became one of the spotlight industries in which the Group thrives to grow in. The Group covers international trade and commerce businesses in medical materials, mid-to-large sized medical equipment, eco-friendly construction materials, organic wine, condiments, etc.

︱Social welfare sector︱

Other than business developments, the Group is also committed in catalyzing economic and cultural exchange between the Mainland and Taiwan. Diving deeper into culture, the Group takes part in philanthropic projects, continuing to fund and consolidate resources that support disadvantaged social groups, such as autistic individuals, in education and wealth management. The Group hopes to not only continue, but also extend the reach of its philanthropic initiatives to help more people in need of support. Preaching to the principal of maintaining a balance between commercial achievement and corporate social responsibility, we thrive to achieve a sustainable and optimal win-win situation.

︱Healthy dining section︱

As one of the key aspects of healthy living, healthy food services always complement, add warmth, and fill the Group’s real estate developments across various locations. The Group has invested heavily in creating a healthy eating culture, as well as restaurant chains that deliver delicately prepared gourmet dishes from across the globe. Other than building a team of professional chefs to realize authentic Cantonese gourmet, the Group also consolidated and integrated Japanese and Italian gourmet in finely designed high-end restaurants. Restaurant brands under the Group include Dragon Court, Ming Gourmet and Hotpot, Murasaki Sushi, and Medici Italian Restaurant & Cafe. The Group is resolved in making simple but delicious food that gives customers the utmost ecstatic experience.
On the other hand, the Group acquired Chateau de Bellevue in 2017. The Chateau is situated on the right side of the river in Bordeaux, within the Lussac Saint-Emilion wine-producing region. As a mid-large sized chateau, the vineyards yield up to 70,000 bottles of red and white wines annually. After taking over management of the Chateau, the Group upgraded the quality of the wines by inviting Hubert De Bouard, owner of Chateau Angelus, to share his expertise and overlook wine production at Chateau de Bellevue, consequently re-positioning the wines of Chateau de Bellevue in the premium wine market on the global scale. !

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