The Chan & Chang Group was founded in 2002, headquarters in Shanghai. The Group is active across various industries, focusing on construction, premium commercial and residential real estate developments, International five-star hospitality, hi-tech logistical services in storage and supply-chain management, health-care supported with imported medical resources, industrial fund, as well as cultural and humanitarian initiatives. The Group’s core investment is in intelligent services, novel materials, health-care, biotechnology, and foreign trade and commerce. Another major commitment is in AI and logistical Big Data to fulfill the vision of establishing an intelligent logistical supply chain, as well as a consolidated health-care chain, in Mainland China. The latter health-care chain project will bring medical experts and advanced services to local cities to promote an avant-guard lifestyle that incites a proactive disease-prevention mentality, rather than a passive one that mainly relies on medical treatments post disease diagnosis. On the other hand, the Group is committed in catalyzing economic and cultural exchange between the Mainland and Taiwan. Diving deeper into culture, the Group takes part in philanthropic projects, continuing to fund and consolidate resources that support disadvantaged social groups in education and wealth management. Preaching to the principal of maintaining a balance between commercial achievement and corporate social responsibility, we thrive to achieve a sustainable and optimal win-win situation.

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