Disability & Autism Awareness Initiatives and Events


International Reading Day 4hr23min Live Silent Reading Broadcast

One’s journey when reading can never be lonely. A cup of coffee and a good book is enough for one to embark on an insightful journey to experience various flavors in life. Reading a book is like reading a person; The reader goes through the process of absorbing knowledge, being patient, gaining experience, and judging between right and wrong. Contemplating about a book with a clear and tranquil mindset is never a lonely journey. Every year on International Reading Day April 23, the JH Group, Global Views Culture & Lifestyle, and the Mutian Charity jointly host a reading initiative, during which 12 volunteers participate in a 4hr23min silent reading challenge under live broadcast.  

Growing up to the sun | JF Oil Painting Exhibition


Cross-Strait Entrepreneurship Competition, Shanghai

The Annual Cross-Strait Entrepreneurship Competition has grown into a summit in which entrepreneurs from different places meet and exchange. Young entrepreneurs, bearing innovative and novel ideas and vision from both the Mainland and Taiwan, collide at the competition to create sparks of innovation and discover the route to success. 

The 5th Shanghai-Taipei Dual City Forum (2019)


Lucky to meet you——Autism Research and Practical Exchange


The 3rd Global Views Cultural Summit, Shanghai (2020)

Hosted by the Global Views Culture and Lifestyle in Taiwan and the JH Group, the Cross-Strait Dialogue, as well as the 3rd Global Views Cultural Summit 2020, co-hosted by the Writer’s Association Shanghai, together was a successful event with great impact. The Summit was held at Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao West and more than ten influential cultural figures from the Mainland and Taiwan attended to discuss culture and opportunity in the post-pandemic era, diving into topics of cultural legacy, innovation, and prospects in the new era.     

The 2nd Global Views Cultural Summit, Shanghai (2019)

The 2nd Global Views Cultural Summit, Shanghai was hosted at Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinshan. The key discussion of the Summit is to facilitate and strengthen the influence of culture, focusing on tech-driven mindsets, culturally influenced hearts, and a united Chinese spirit. The discussions of the Summit emphasize and display the immense power of cultural influence.     

The 1st Global Views Cultural Summit, Shanghai (2018)

The JH Group and the Global Views-Commonwealth Publishing Group collaborated to host the first cultural exchange summit. In sync with the grand opening of the Summit in May 2018 at Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinshan, the Global Views Culture and Lifestyle at the JH 88 Plaza Jinshan was also established.  

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families-Reading


Nanjing University Hsien-yung Pai Cultural Fund

 The fist academic reporting event, hosted jointly by the School of Liberal Art at Nanjing University and the Research Institute for Literature by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Overseas Chinese Writers took place on June 24, 2015. The Event was the first academic reporting event since the establishment of the Nanjing University Hsien-yung Pai Cultural Fund by the JH Group. The prospect of the Hsien-yung Pai Cultural Fund at Nanjing University is to facilitate and expand research on the literature, history, drama, film, as well as the cultural and historical influence of Hsien-yung Pai.   

Shih Hsin University Taiwan Visit


Taiwanese College Student Visit


Hsing Yun Cultural Global Forum


Design Competition

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